It is really funny. I setup all of this shit and was really looking forward to coming home and just writing a post and going to bed. I probably don’t have to say that that didn’t happen.

I am writing this post while rdesktop’ed back into work. The webhop system works great from outside but of course the redirections and the NAT bugger things up from inside.

Maybe I need to just make this private. Why on earth do I need other people to read my journal? Well the public access thing was more about having an easy way to update my journal.

I don’t know. I suppose I will just leave it like this for awhile and see what happens. It isnt’ that big of a deal plus if I don’t want to use rdesktop I can always just use an anonymizer like [anonymouse](

There is just something freeing about having everything exposed. Plus I am really not that important.

I have been out of the habit of journaling for awhile now, but it is something that I did regularly for a long time. I am glad to be back in that mind frame again.