Silence. Yes. A long silence.

I really don’t know when it stopped or when it started for that matter. Actually I do have an idea as to when I started talking but the stopping part just seemed to happen. I found yoga and to some extent that removed the need to write here. Now, I mean right in the moment listening to Sparklehorse I feel the need to write something. Ultimately there’s no real point nothing much to say but some real reason inside to say it.

I’ve completely lost the mark. Put the cart before the horse as they say. The funny thing is is that it’s not like you can just hope over to the path you gotta walk all the way back to the beginning and start again. The great thing about life is that it’s long enough to do this shit over and over again. I’m not complaining or bitching about the truth just saying it’s how I learn.

I like to make up words like Brodisdagata. Not sure what that means but it’s a good description of how I’m feeling.

Maybe I’ll write maybe I won’t…

Iceland Day #1

We landed in Iceland with no problems! The flight was pretty awesome actually. Iceland air offers plenty of media to keep you busy for the 4h40m flight.

We watched oceans 11 and then I put on Magnolia. What an amazing movie must watch that again soon maybe on the flight back but its a sin on the small screen.

Passport control and baggage claim was a breeze!


Anyway once we landed we were able to get a Sim and my phone was up and running in minutes. One really cool fact about Iceland is that the Internet service is awesome. The bus we took to Reykjavik had service!


The ride from the airport was about 40 minutes and it flew by especially with Internet service. Sarah and I read about some of Iceland’s history.

Our host met us at 130am! We were amazed at the place that we booked through airbnb! Actually we saw pictures but in persons its even more amazing!!!


The bedroom



After we settled in we headed to the local store to pick up some dinner (yes at about 2am).

Tomorrow we head out the the blue lagoon a hot geothermal pool!