The Mall

Yoga Asana Championship 2011

Yet another year I intended to compete but it just wasn’t in the cards with my most recent surgery on my ankle. Oh well. Next year…

The day was really fun. Sarah and I got there around 11:45 and we walked around checked out the Lulu Lemon store and then found the area where the championships would be. I thought the stage was WAY too small. Anyone over 5’10” would have trouble doing any type of inversion for fear of falling off the stage. Not that it matters for me I wasn’t planning on doing any anyway :). For all of the competitors it just seemed cramped and all of the people were roped off far from the stage. Hopefully next year there will be more stage and less rope :).

It was so awesome to watch all of the competitors display their routines. It was also awesome to see people I hadn’t seen in awhile. What a great day for yoga and friends! 🙂